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We offer solutions that meet the highest Customer’s requirements in different industries. Thanks to our specialists, we are able to provide professional technical support to each of our Customers and take care of all the stages related to search, purchase, delivery and forwarding, so that is allowed us to optimize the supply chain of goods and reduce costs.

A considerable financial investment is made in equipping and maintaining a production greenhouse operation including cars, trucks, tractors, potting machines, pumps, injectors and irrigation equipment, sprayers, storage equipment, etc. Besides the large equipment, many types of hand tools, such as are also needed. Some form of management control must be maintained over the equipment if the greenhouse is to maintain a physical inventory of all equipment and to develop plans for security, proper use, and maintenance.

When major pieces of equipment are purchased by the nursery, they should immediately be given an inventory number. A code number that contains the year of purchase and the functional unit the equipment is assigned to is extremely useful. This number should be painted or stamped onto the equipment and then entered into the inventory and maintenance records. The equipment inventory, maintained as either a card file or a computer file, is kept in the business office as a record of purchase with the name of the supplier, purchase price, depreciation schedule, and other related information.

Some greenhouse operations send a maintenance card (with proper identification number, name, year, and model) to the mechanic to record all maintenance and repair data. Equipment purchases should ideally be limited to as few manufacturers as is feasible to reduce the inventory of parts that need to be maintained by the mechanic. Knowing which parts are stocked by a local supplier can reduce the greenhouse’s spare parts inventory.

Some greenhouse operations find it desirable to maintain a “use log” on some equipment to determine the efficiency of the equipment. This information is very helpful in calculating the cost of operating equipment on a per hour basis (which is part of the overall cost of production calculation). For efficient use and security, all equipment should be assigned to responsible individuals and the individuals properly instructed in use and maintenance procedures. Company policy pertaining to use and maintenance of equipment should also be clearly stated in a policy manual of the greenhouse business. Painting equipment, especially small items and hand tools, in a distinctive color can aid immeasurably in preventing loss. The use of distinctive markings can also minimize the mixup of equipment among divisions or among crews in a diversified greenhouse operation.

Valuable equipment should be stored in a locked facility that also provides protection from the weather. Company policy should provide the necessary guidelines for the cleaning and storage of equipment. By establishing and maintaining a good equipment inventory and management system, it is possible to gain a high degree of control over the equipment, and at the same time assure its safe, effective, and efficient use.