NORDIC TECHNOLOGY LTD specializes in the procurement and supply of equipment to diverse industrial markets to the following areas and industries:

Greenhouse equipment

The development of green technologies in the field of equipping households has received a new impact. More and more responsible homeowners are choosing energy-saving technologies, heat pumps, solar panels as the main or additional energy equipment for their houses. Our company supplies equipment and spare parts for a green house.

Agricultural appliances

We are ready to offer a full range of machines, equipment and spare parts for seeding, growing plants and primary processing of agricultural products.

Cooling and air conditioning systems

Cooling systems plays an important role is preservation, reduction in losses by means of storage in the required temperature, processing, packaging, transportation, supply & distribution, wholesale and retail sales. However, air conditioning systems are also vital to ensure business safety which is paramount, and is required to maintain the right temperature.

Electrical industry

In any supply network, end parts may not be finished goods within the product or category range, so end-users in a large number of instances will be customers procuring sub-assemblies or fabricated or manufactured parts to be used in finished goods to the end customer. Enterprises operating in a specific industry supply/production/distribution network will usually draw upon or distribute goods/services from across a mix of upstream, midstream, and down stream industries.

Manufacturing industry

Most manufacturers that fail to achieve sufficient visibility don’t have a clear view of upstream, production and downstream inventories not only because of the lack of internal communications mentioned above, but also a lack of integration between suppliers and customers.
Firms lack velocity due to an inability to quickly move goods from one end of the supply chain to another either because of long in-bound lead times or non-value adding processes. Global outsourcing might lead to increased length and complexity; in other words, process inefficiency, of the supply chain itself especially because of political instability in different countries at different periods. These issues are becoming increasingly apparent with the outsourcing of manufacturing to low cost countries such as China thus increasing lead times for manufacturers and their customers.

The above-mentioned list is not limited.

Over the years, we have created a database of reliable and proven suppliers of equipments, components and spare parts, which allows us to fully meet the Customer’s requirements for the implementation of various projects.