Organization of the search for manufacturers/ suppliers of equipment in accordance with the technical specification of the Customer

Organization of search for analogues and equipment removed from production

Search is the primary mechanism through which customers find and ultimately purchase products, making it essential that search results are relevant to the intent of the search query, and that the end-to-end search experience matches that of search giants by providing near-instant results, linguistic analysis, geo-location matching, filtering, faceting, autocomplete, hit highlighting, etc.

Approval of technical parameters with manufacturers

Acquisition of relevant information, including the identification of the manufacturer of the starting or packaging material, is required in order to undertake supplier approval and qualification. It may not be possible to deal directly with the starting material manufacturers. If this situation occurs, it may be possible to gain information about the manufacturer through the agent or broker. A questionnaire or standard form to collect this type of information may be employed.

Organization of freight forwarding, consolidation and delivery of cargo

The process of organization and monitoring of transported goods from a supplier and/or manufacturer to intended recipients, internationally. This includes: Tracking Shipments, Filing Documents for Customs Clearance, Warehousing, Negotiating Freight Rates, Scheduling Cargo Space
Consolidating Freight, Supplying Cargo Insurance.